Ten motorcycles that remind us why we miss two-strokes - vintage 4-stroke single cyl motorcycles


Husaberg redesigns the four-stroke single vintage 4-stroke single cyl motorcycles

The split-single (Doppelkolbenmotor to its German and is a variant on the two- stroke engine with two cylinders sharing a single.

We've picked out 10 brand new, old school motorcycles that we think are worth considering when you're ready to purchase a retro-style motorcycle. Type: Standard Engine: 4-stroke, air cooled single cylinder, fuel injection.

So will a bulletproof single-cylinder engine and a low cost of ownership. The Honda Superhawk is also the ride of preference for Robert Pirsig . with its redesigned shifter (now on the left side of the bike) and its classic spoked wheels. .. The Suzuki RG “Gamma” featured a two-stroke, twin-crank.

Vintage Hondas are great motorcycles to buy for a number of .. with an air- cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder 49cc engine that produced