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Techies flock to Mission Control, S.F. members-only sex club - SFGate san fancisco sex clubs history

The Caldron (often misspelled Cauldron), at Natoma Street in San Francisco, in the South Mick Sinclair, San Francisco: A Cultural and Literary History, Interlink, , ISBN , p. ; ^ Bob Thomas, interviewed 3/12/

History Of Sex Club Scene in San Francisco. The sex club scene in San Francisco got its start around the same time that the first cable cards were built in the city.

Not all mistaken forays into the sex positive climate of San Francisco have happy endings. help but wonder how this guy ended up at a gay cruising bar instead of the hetero sex club he was looking for. “It's a long story.”.

Well there are various “sex clubs" in The City. Power Exchange is the most known, yet is not really a club one goes to, unless looking for Homosexual.