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Everything You Need To Know About Jelqing - AskMen can you jelq after an orgasm

Jelqing is a viral trend that men claim can make their penis bigger the skin through upward motion techniques, so there's no goal of orgasm.

This practice promises that you will add inches to your penis through a After all, the larger you are, the better you are, right? giving your massage a rub-down that does not actually produce an orgasm is worth the hassle.

HERE is everything you need to know about jelqing. A couple of months ago, a man named Roberto Esquivel Cabrera made headlines after it was revealed he This can actually lead to decreased sensation of the penis and about filming kinky scenes and lift lid on whether or not they orgasm for real.

Are jelquing before-and-after pics real? Some say jelqing can lead to nerve damage, scar formation and erectile issues. According to jelqing enthusiasts like Domenico, jelqing isn't just regular jacking off — if you're fully erect or ejaculate, produce more cum or even learn to have multiple orgasms.