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Robert John Burck (born December 23, ), better known as the Naked Cowboy, is an American actor, singer, songwriter, writer and street performer whose pitch is on New York City's Times Square. would run against him, echoing Lloyd Bentsen during a campaign announcement that critiqued Burck's " man-panties".

Jun 30, The year-old man who pranced around naked on the red staircase in Times Square before plunging to the ground has been identified as an international runway fashion model based in New York City. Krit McClean of Manhattan bared it all and shouted out “Donald Trump, where are.

Aug 16, He is often referred to as one of New York's top tourist attractions. I mean, this isn't a job for me,” says the year-old one-man show. “It's not.

Oct 23, One officer grappled with the naked man before the shooting started and was the fifth deadly shooting by the New York police in a month.