Halsey Reveals Brutal Injury After Nude Rock Climbing Accident - climbing naked rock she


Halsey Went Rock Climbing Naked and Got Terrible Rash Injuries climbing naked rock she

She posted the above pic, where her back looks legit destroyed, with the caption, “don't go rock climbing naked. or do. do you.” You can tell it's.

While we spent our Easter long weekend eating one too many Cadbury eggs and sinking some bevs with our nearest and dearest, singer Halsey went on a bizarre nude adventure which resulted in a few war wounds. The songstress took to Instagram to share a photo of the scars she copped.

SINGER Halsey showed off her painful injuries after going rock climbing completely starkers. The Without Me singer, 24, revealed her back is covered in red marks and her finger bandaged up after she tried the sport with no clothes on. Her back was covered in scratches from top to.

Halsey's naked rock climbing trip did not go as planned. In March , she opened up about how her disease holds her back while being.