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Five parenting tips to help put a stop to your child's whining around the house. From infant to adolescent, whining is a normal stage of development, but In 30 years without spanking, are Swedish children better behaved?.

Q&A: Disrespectful Speech and Whining. You need to give Dennis: Barbara and I built our own philosophy of spanking from Proverbs It says, “There .

In the old days when we kids whined, we got smacked, spanked, sent to our rooms, or blatantly ignored. It is the single most annoying thing and the number one killer of mothers and parents alike. OK, I'm kidding, but how does a mom nip a whining kid in the bud without duct taping a.

Have you ever had the experience of seeing a parent in a supermarket correcting her crying child by spanking him? In fact, in this scenario, the irate parent.