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Girl I'm meeting up with Sunday wants to do ass to mouth, etc etc.. - Forums ass to mouth forum

Just watched some porn on the web with my bf. Watched a bird take a C*** up the ass then sucked it. Worse still later she was sucking another.

So who enjoys ass to mouth? Who has done it? Who wants to? I really enjoy a cock pulled out of my ass and shoved in my throat and facefuck.

With the increasing popularity in Ass To Mouth movies (and yes, I find them very fun to watch), it leaves me to wonder: Is Ass To Mouth becoming more popular at home? I enjoy anal sex with my girlfriend. Has anyone ever heard of a porn star who openly admits that she enjoys A2M (as.

I have been doing ass to mouth and it was great and my husband loved it so much we do not use lube but we start with oral till the dick is moist.