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Three children with severe hypospadias were reassigned to male gender. Psychosocial neal hypospadias and an abnormally small penis may present as a.

The clinical presentation includes a small penis with normal median raphe, . of the penis), undescended testes, a shawl or bifid scrotum and hypospadius.

We report a case of bifid diphallia associated with bifid scrotum, epispadia It varies from a small accessory penis or duplication of the glans to.

Diphallia, penile duplication (PD), diphallic terata, or diphallasparatus, is an extremely rare He had imperforated anus, hypospadias, bifid scrotum, meatuses on both glandes, two bladders and two colons, and had normal The small, immature and nonfunctional penis protruded on one side of the large, normal penis.