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Read The Solution from the story ABDL stories by RedAlexandria with reads. Science Fiction · Diverse Lit · Mystery · Short Story · Fanfiction · New Adult All the clothes were replaced with things babies would wear, and diapers She also changed the diaper to a fluffier kind, and tied Amy's hair into pig tails.

Now, here I am restrained to a bed, wearing a diaper with an urgent need to pee. I was tied down to a bed, like a dangerous person would be in a mental.

Jan 1, She had only been wearing them for the semester after her roommate, Olivia would only have her diaper uncovered in the dorm room and still would She loved her diapers, but she wasn't sure if she was an adult baby. to Kay telling stories of baby Shara and the things she had gotten up to in the club.

Nov 3, I need to get this out there and off my chest, so here is my story if you and I was too small for adult diapers, so I had to wear pull-ups made for toddlers. up tied up and was forced to wet the bed, or woke up in a diaper that I.