Duke Medical Schools Receives FDA Approval for Stem Cell Product | Hydrocephalus Association - stem cell treatment for adult hydrocephalus


New Genetic Study Links Stem Cell Mutations to Hydrocephalus stem cell treatment for adult hydrocephalus

Fetal-onset hydrocephalus is a pathology of neural stem cells . the future relief or cure for a wide range of common disabilities [43,44].

Duke University School of Medicine receives FDA approval of a stem cell product , for the use of cord blood stem cells into the treatment of hydrocephalus.

Baby Tyler, born in Pittsburgh, PA, receives infusions comprised of stem cell blood as part of a study by Duke University blood and marrow transplant program.

Human umbilical cord blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells or Until now, however, there has not been any effective treatment to prevent PHH or .. instead of P7 rats, because severe IVH is common in less mature infants.