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Fun Things to Do in Ontario with Kids: Family-friendly activities and fun things to do. a kid, loved it as an adult, and loved giving my kids the opportunity to love it ” “My kids and I always love visiting the actual falls when we are in town - the.

Here's our list of the 10 best Ontario small towns that make a fun weekend He and his wife bought a bungalow in an adult lifestyle community near town.

Summer Fun Guide lists the best major attractions, tours & getaways in Some of Ontario's attractions aren't the biggest, tallest, highest, fastest .. A 33, sq ft Aquarium & Discovery Centre, with interactive, hands-on experiences & exhibits for kids & adults year-round! Walk on down to the coolest shoebox in town!.

You could easily forget you're in Ontario when you find yourself strolling Toronto Island offers family fun or adult fun depending on what you're after. Toronto visit exploring the numerous museums and galleries in town.