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love fierce felines! Check out our 10 roarsome lion facts and learn all about these big cats. An adult male's roar can be heard up to 8km away. Witches feather thank you for helping me with a little thing I wanted to do. this is cool. alisha.

of the big cats. Learn more lion facts at Animal Fact Guide! A pride consists of up to three males, a dozen related females, and their young. The size of the.

It is quite clear that lions are fascinating creatures, and here we get to know them a bit better by looking at 15 facts about them. A pride will usually consist of adult males, several adult females (one dominant), and a Young male lions ousted from prides often wander large distances in search of other.

The lion has forever been a symbol of strength, power and ferocity. During WWF tours to Africa, seeing the majestic species up-close is sure to.