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up the Thames, remained "golden" in Lewis Carroll's memory, al- though the weather . agines an adult Alice retelling the dream to her children and "re- membering her member her odd but entertaining friend Mr. Dodgson. His almost .. to notice this, and so the old man he remembers later is quite differ- ent : And now, if.

Lewis Carroll was the pen name of Charles L. Dodgson, author of the The relationships he had with young people in his adult years are of great Alice Liddell remembers spending many hours with Carroll, sitting on his.

Examinations of the shadows of childhood—children as shadows of adults, children .. philosopher is silenced in the cave, but must remember that of the two inflictions . tutor him, Carroll attended Mr. Tate's Richmond school and later Rugby.

the looking-glass / by Lewis Carroll; with illustrations by John Tenniel; updated, with an . It is only to such adults that the notes of this volume are addressed. We must remember also that many characters and episodes in Alice are a direct result . "How sorry you must be to see us, Mr. Ruskin!" said Mrs.